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Match Up With Wellness &
Leave The
Rest to Us

Employees are expecting a lot more from their workplaces, and wellness is at the top of their list. 

77% of employees say that they experience burnout at their current workplace.

91% report that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work.

Spark This Day is here to help you create workplaces where

burnout is the exception, not the norm.


We support HR & People Professionals by. . .

Sharing a monthly real-time & anonymous data on how well or burned out employees feel

Suggesting bite-sized, customized steps to take to improve employee retention, well-being, and inclusion based on industry best practices

Saving time, energy, and money


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The tool that saves companies time, money, and energy through our employees wellness app.

We support employees by . . .

Providing customized wellness resources aligned to your level of well-being

Curating wholistic resources that hit all 8 dimensions of well-being

Giving you the tools to discover your optimal wellness routine

Fitness at Home
Gabby Lubin, CEO & Founder of spark this day

"Employees in the future of work will expect People-First companies. We're here to help you achieve that now."
—Gabby Lubin, CEO & Founder

How                       works

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How it works

CEO & CFO Benefits

Increased Employee Retention

Increased Productivity

Unnecssary Spending Cut (on Wellness Initatives, Wellness Consulting, and Attrition)

HR Leader Benefits

Time Saved: HR knows who to support & how

Money Saved: HR only spends on what's working

Energy Saved: HR has more information which saves them from burnout


Science-Based, Customized Wellness App

Real-Time, Anonymous Data on Employee Well-Being & Burnout

Data on Workplace Wellness Initiatives x Employee Burnout

Customized Coaching Suggestions to Improve Employee Well-Being, Retention, and Inclusion

Employees Benefits

Increased Camaraderie

Increased Productivity

Increased Positive Feelings of Work & Workplace

"I love Spark's commitment to whole humans."

-Laurie O., Clinical Systems Analyst

Spark This Day partners with employers who want to provide their employees with genuine work-life balance.

Some of our partners include...

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"I look forward to logging in every single day and seeing the friends I have made...

There's something unique about Spark's ability to make those connections.


-Kait F., Spark This Day member




Spark This Day is a tech-enabled employee wellness solution.

Our app is one way that we make wellness FUN and EASY.

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