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Welcome to the 5 Day Mindful Walking Challenge!

We're here to ignite the pathway to your well-being.
Let's start by walking together.

Image by Chris Hardy
Treat Yourself!

to inspirational outdoor time! Spark's Mindful Walking Challenge is a rich experience that will kickstart your pathway to wellbeing! 

The moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”

– Henry David Thoreau

During the course of this challenge, you will: 

  • Enjoy a daily, 10-minute or longer walk outdoors

  • Access feelings of personal wellbeing

  • Receive tips & exercises to fine-tune your physical walking experience

  • Learn mindful focuses to expand the awareness of your surroundings in nature 

  • Gain inspiring journal prompts to reflect on your experience 

  • Access a gateway towards building a new, nourishing habit! 

Join The Mindful Walking Challenge
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STress reduction

The workplace can be stressful. Going outside can help reduce this stress by lowering your resting heart rate, offering a break from thinking about work problems, and helping the brain produce endorphins, which are neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood. 


When a person takes a walk outside, breathing fresh outdoor air actually improves brain function, especially if they are cooped up in an office most of the day. A great suggestion for better work performance is to take a walk outside of the office during breaks!


Spending time outdoors with natural scenery has been proven to improve brain function such as concentration. In studies, children with ADHD who spent the majority of their leisure time outdoors in green spaces showed fewer symptoms of ADHD than their counterparts, even while performing the same task.

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