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Meet Gabby:
Wellness Executive and Advocate

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Gabby (Lubin) Lachance, Ed.M. is a passionate wellness executive. She experienced burnout 3x before  turning 30 and decided that she’d had enough. Since then, she has dedicated her life to eliminating burnout through intentional implementation of the 8 dimensions of wellness. 


Her unique expertise allows her to sit at the intersection of wellness and the future of work. Gabby has taught wellness, studied the science of wellness, and founded a business in wellness (Spark This Day). She also brings her expertise in intervention programming and Master’s in Adult Development and Behavior Change from Harvard to the forefront of her work. To sink deeper into her unique intersection, Gabby hosts the podcast Capital P in People Work which interviews guests in People work on the people, wellness, and the future of work.

Gabby is a...

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Motivational Speaker


Gabby speaks to audience wellness topics, including "8 Dimensions of Wellness" and "Creating a Wellness Plan."



Bring Gabby in to your next team experience in person or virtually. She teaches yoga, LIIT (low impact interval training), HIIT, indoor cycling, and mindfulness

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Gabby is the host of the Capital P in People Work Podcast, which discusses the intersection of wellness, people, and the future of work. Think you're a good fit for the pod? Email us at

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