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Affiliate Program

Join Spark This Day to help your clients while also receiving support

We are on a mission to co-create a world where burnout is the exception, not the norm.

Are you ready to be a part of the movement?


Custom Well-Being



Community & Expertise


Kickbacks from Sales

About the Program

Join Spark This Day as an Affiliate. We invite HR Consultants, PEOs, and Fractional HR Practitioners onto the Spark This Day platform. When you join you get:

Free access to Spark This Day to support your well-being
Community with other HR Professionals like you, including a monthly live brainstorming event
Kickbacks from sales made from your intros

About Spark This Day

Spark This Day ​is the two-sided AI-enabled platform that guides HR / People Professionals by equipping them with information to retain employees now & in the Future of Work.


Through our employee-facing wellness app, we assess and analyze employee engagement to identify their level of burnout. That information is anonymously provided to support and coach (with AI) People Professionals in increasing staff retention, well-being, and inclusion.

Take a look at how it works below.

The Spark This Day ​Affiliate Program supports HR Consultants, PEOs, and Fractional HR Practitioners in three ways:

  1. We take the heavy-lifting of customized well-being off of you by providing the Spark This Day platform to you for free.

  2. We give you the space to learn from peers in the "Outsourced HR" community group on our platform. Ask the questions you can't ask your client or spouse. Then, join the Outsourced HR group for a monthly live brainstorm on Zoom to assist your current pain points.

  3. Give your clients the power of well-being while earning kickbacks for sales that Spark This Day makes from your intro. You earn 10% of the total contract.


If you are a good match, we'll get back to you within a week.

Questions on the logistics? Email us at or contact us below:

Affiliate Program Question

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