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We know how it goes...

You start off the month saying “This time it’s going to be different!”  Then the workload and life agendas take over and before you know it, it’s the 29th and you feel like your wellness practices is more like a leaky faucet than a flow of progress! 


That’s why we’ve created Spark Support Coaching.

This group coaching experience is for those who desire extra support, focus and accountability to stay consistent with their Spark Wellness Pathway™️ efforts each month.  

Participants will move from feeling scattered and inconsistent to learning exactly how they can make the shifts they need to anticipate their wellness practices as a positive addition to their day.  

If you've been feeling like you can't quite dig your heels into a consistent practice, this group experience is for you! 


As part of Spark's Support coaching, you'll meet online with your group on a weekly basis to: ​​

  • Set Monthly Intentions

  • Strategize Scheduling For Your Pathway

  • Discuss Nutrition Support For Your Physical & Mental Well-being

  • Receive Group Accountability

  • Work Towards Small, Achievable Milestones

  • Receive "Hot Seat Coaching" To Work Through Roadblocks & Obstacles

  • Experience Camaraderie & Support With Other Group Members

Image by Derick McKinney

Meet Your Coach: 
Jenna Zaffino

Jenna is a passionate, versatile, Wellness Expert with over 2 decades of experience leading groups and private clients in the fields of Pilates, Group Exercise, Personal Training, Health Principles, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices.  


Jenna is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She believes in an approach to  wellness that is informed by the entire rich experience of one's life. 

Her coaching strategies are founded  on a focus away from the goal of  diets and weight loss and towards developing practices that inspire positive behavior shifts to better support the life you are living today! 

Does this sound like exactly what you need?

We thought so. Sign up below to receive your extra support!

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