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People are the core of your business, so it is no surprise that as an employer, you want to treat your employees well. However, the reality is that creating an effective wellness program is a job in itself. Moreover, employees now expect that their employer provide well-being support.

That's where we come in.

At Spark This Day, we have transformed employee wellness to fit both your team and individual employee needs.

Plus, when you work with us, you help make wellness a reality for educators.

social impact promise:
10% of our revenue goes towards funding
school access to Spark


Andres Virgen Spark This Day Instructor

How we partner with you at
Spark This Day

Spark This Day is designed by & for teams.
We provide tools that combine benefits for teams as a whole,
as well as focus on the individual employee experience. 

Our programming applies 
research-based stress-relief principles,
making even our mindful fitness classes more than just a workout.

Our offerings provide
simple strategies that meet the needs
of multiple stages of well-being.

Our experiences always carry a
takeaway tool so the effects of the
practice last long after the class is over.

Spark This Day Team Access 

Give your employees access to all that the Spark This Day platform has to offer.

Monthly Live Class

Give your staff the opportunity to experience our unique mindful fitness offering. We work with you to select the agenda that best works for your team.


Give the gift of personal understanding through 1-on-1 or small group health coaching from our certified health coach, Jenna Zaffino.

Live Wellness Workshops

Give your staff a professional development experience that will leave them with the resources to make a change the very next day.

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