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4 Ways Leaders Can Tap Into Their Own Well-Being

It is critical that leaders take the time to take care of themselves. Not only do you set the tone for your staff, but you are in a position of influence to support the entire organization's structure of well-being. By tapping into your own well-being, you activate further possibilities for your organization AND provide yourself with the opportunity to live a more full life.

Here are 4 ways your can tap into your own well-being that will support you, your staff, and loved ones. Wellness is contagious!

  1. Work the hours you expect your staff to work. It seems simple, but it can often be overlooked as a step. The hour you arrive or leave work is the precedent that is set for your staff, even if not explicit. Your presence can positively or negatively impact how your staff coordinate their life. So if you're looking for healthy relationships with your staff, consider what expectations you are setting for them and then select the best expectations for yourself while you are at it.

  2. Find your sacred moment. We get it--you are incredibly busy with your role, life, and whatever else the world throws at you. This might mean that spending an hour at the gym or cooking dinner is unrealistic. Instead, identify 1 time during the day that can be your sacred moment. A moment consistently in your day just for you. Then, fill it with whatever floats your boat that moment. It doesn't matter WHAT you do, it's just THAT you do.

  3. Take a pause while in transitions. During the pandemic, we learned how to stack our calendar: one meeting after another and another. It left us feeling tired and on auto-pilot...not in a good way. A way to disengage with auto-pilot, no matter how quickly your turnaround time is, is to take a pause between each meeting/experience. Between your next transition, take 30 seconds to breathe and look around the room. Notice your presence in this moment.

  4. Set a weekly intention. Especially when we are busy, we tend to rush into the work week without thinking. However, it has been noted that great leaders are the ones who take the time to pause and reflect. This reflection is what brings them to the next phase stronger, because they have had the opportunity to step onto the balcony and understand the bigger picture. At the beginning of the next week, arrive to your desk and write down 1-3 intentions for the week. What do you hope to accomplish? How will you carry yourself in doing so? Why is this important to you?

Spark This Day believes in you as a leader. We know how important your role is. We also know how much you care about your work. Thus, we want to help you succeed in both your work and life.

Take a look at our Spark This Day Platform for more information on what we provide to teams. Helping people do what they love most, live.

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