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5 Ways to Avoid the New Years Resolution Drop

Only 36% of people make it past January with their resolution still intact. In fact January 19th is often termed Quitter's Day.

Resolutions themselves are not bad, but often the execution of them is. Take a look at Spark This Day's top 5 pieces of advice to avoid the resolution drop.

  • Try An Intention, Not A Goal: Intentions get to the "why" of your behavior while goals exist as a box to check. By framing your Resolutions as an intention, you are more likely to follow through on it because you will more often remember why you selected it. Try using the sentence started, "I will try to..."

  • Self-Compassion: It takes 66 days on average to form a new habit and during those 66 days something WILL get in the way of your resolution. Instead of an all-or-nothing mindset, bring self-compassion into the equation. You aren't looking for perfection but change, which is hard.

  • Replace a Behavior: A trick in implementing something new into your routine is to swap an existing behavior for a new one. For example, if you are trying to drink more water, you could choose to drink water when you wake up instead of scrolling social media.

  • Start Small: Going from 0 to 100 is never possible because we aren't built to make drastic changes. Instead, start the new year with a small action towards a larger behavior. Want to read more? Read while you get ready for bed.

  • Find The Joy: You are MUCH more likely to repeat your Resolution if you intentionally find the joy in it. Each time you do your Resolution make note of your enjoyment. You can write it down, say it out loud, draw about it...the world is your oyster!

Looking for support or inspiration? Try the Spark This Day platform to get personalized daily wellness support. We'll help you discover your optimal wellness routine in all 8 dimensions of wellness.

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