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A Recap on August & Additions for September

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

At Spark This DayTM, we provide full month programming customized to member needs. Through the opt-in experience, members select the The Spark Wellness PathwayTM that best suits their needs for that month. This past month, we had some pretty phenomenal programming:

Our Habit Builder was to take 1 breathing break per day. We were able to do so through this month's challenge, the Breathing Toolkit. Each week, a particular breathing practice was broken down into bite-sized pieces.

We learned...

  • 360 degree breathing

  • 4 count breathing

  • 1 lung breathing

  • Extended exhale

  • Breath of fire

  • And more!

We shared customized classes with each member, including a mix of Nourishing, Empowering, and Energizing practices.

We also took our time reflecting through weekly journal prompts and the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type quiz!

Next month, we are thrilled to be responding to 2 client requests.

  1. We will be providing nourishing recipes to support with another component of physical wellness. Make sure to enroll in a Pathway to get access to these recipes.

  2. We are launching Spark Support Coaching to support you in finding ways to enhance your wellness with a dedicated community.

How will you Spark This Day?

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