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Agile Unemployment Podcast | Why Self Care is a Must When You Are Out of Work

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Originally published by The Agile Unemployment Podcast hosted by Sabina Sulat, employment expert, coach, and author.

“Practicing self-care when you are out of work is a double-edged sword. You finally have the time to spend on yourself but guilt and financial issues plus your need to find a new job are just some of the roadblocks to focusing on you. Proper self-care can reverse or prevent burnout and build your resilience. Burnout, the need for self-care, and the dangers of over-practicing self-care are just a few of the topics discussed by host Sabina Sulat and Gabby Lubin, owner and founder of Spark This Day (voted one of the top start-ups of 2021). This is a conversation you won't want to miss.”

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