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An Announcement from Spark This Day

Dear Spark This Day Members,

Wellbeing is at the center of all that we do at Spark This Day. It is how we make each and every decision. And we’ve created in innovative ways to make this a reality for you.

Amidst economic uncertainty, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the reality that in 2022 only 1.9% of VC funding went to women, and the current priorities of the workplace… we know the cards have been stacked against us.

Spark This Day started on March 16th, 2020 as an emergency business—an innovative mindful fitness class that brought community and consistency to more than 50 people day 1. Our impact widened when we decided to support educators. And widened one more time when we set our sights on a larger goal: to get rid of workplace burnout. Not a small task.

We have:

  • served over 1,000 individuals

  • served 17 organizations

  • curated wellbeing to your needs

  • interrupted burnout for many individuals

It is with a heavy heart that we share May will be the final month of Pathways at Spark This Day. You can join a “Best of Spark This Day” pathway here to end on some of our best and most loved practices.

Members will be able to access all Spark This Day on-demand video content for as long as they desire, either paid through their workplace or for a monthly subscription of $12.99. Gabby, our CEO & Founder, will continue to upload new Spark Method classes each month. To learn when you will receive access through, scroll to the bottom of this email.

We are thrilled to share that we will continue to expand our podcast, Capital P in People Work, and teach any corporate fitness & mindfulness class virtually or in-person.

It has been an honor to support your well-being for the last 3 years at Spark. We hope to continue to serve you if you enjoy our fitness & mindfulness classes, and if not we encourage you to never be a stranger. Once a part of the Spark family, always a part of the Spark family.

With love,

The Spark This Day Team

How long will I get access to Spark This Day?

  • Individual members - until you cancel (you can now get a $12.99/month subscription)

  • Deloitte - May 17th

  • Awana & FRN - May 31st

  • Capital City Public Charter School - September 6th

  • Digital Pioneers Academy - August 24th

  • Excel Chelsea - August 19th

  • Legacy - August 16th

  • KIPP DC CTR - August 31st

  • KIPP DC Promise - July 31st

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