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Beyonce doesn't like Corporate Wellness

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Ok, she didn't exactly say that she didn't like Corporate Wellness. But we can infer from her recent single "BREAK MY SOUL" that current wellness practices at work are NOT working. Let's go through the reasoning:

  • Workplaces are over-working us, making us tired/fried/burnt out, and inviting us to quit.

  • If Corporate (or as we call it employee) Wellness is supposed to help people at organizations stay "well", then Corporate Wellness organizations are failing to do that. People are still quitting.

Thus, Beyonce doesn't like Corporate Wellness.

And, we don't either.

There are 3 things Corporate Wellness has gotten wrong over the years.

  1. They believe that it is enough to "check the box" on wellness. More specifically, some organizations are ok with a small % of staff actually using their services. Think about all those people who are still paying for the YMCA but never go. Corporate Wellness loves those people.

  2. They believe that wellness = fitness. But in fact, physical wellness is just one component of wellness. There are 8 dimensions of wellness that make up a whole person: physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial, and social. While physical is an important component, it is not the sole driver of well-being, nor is it what all people need.

  3. They use body toxic practices. Counting calories. Pushing to the max. Using words like sculpt/burn/tone/beach body. These practices and more have been perpetuated by diet culture. But as Gen Z and Millennials populate a larger majority of the workforce, we no longer are accepting these terms. You can see this in the most recent change in branding from iconic Victoria Secret.

As a holistic, body neutral, and behavior change focused company, Spark This Day operates under fundamentally different assumptions. Simply put, we differ.

  1. We see that systems want to change to meet employee needs better. To do that, you have to focus on slow, meaningful behavior change. It is not something that will happen overnight, but it is something that can be worked on diligently together. Thus, we work with leaders and employees to find a personal definition of wellness. Then, we infuse it into work culture through challenges, live classes, and community chats on our app.

  2. We know that people are unique and need different forms of wellness. We've thus incorporated the 8 dimensions of wellness into the threads of The Spark Wellness Pathways. That way members are able to access a variety of well-being needs.

  3. We use body neutral practices. We never count calories. We don't tell people how they should eat or really what they "should" do. Our classes are named without any air of "sculpt" or "tone." And, most uniquely, we encourage everyone to practice mindfulness in all fitness classes. Incorporating mindfulness not only excludes the use of "going to the max" but it additionally empowers participants to become aware of their own training. They learn to listen to their body so that they know when to push and when to take it easy.

It's rumored that Beyonce's next single will be about Spark This Day....but you didn't hear it from us!

If you aren't yet a member of Spark This Day, there are two ways you can join us:

  1. As an individual member

  2. As an organization with your staff

Later this week, we're launching our FREE 10 Day Mindful Walking Challenge. We can't wait to see you there!

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