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Brink Quarterly: A Realistic Focus for the Future | "Burnout and Why You Matter, Now"

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

BRINK virtual is a Chicago-based professional development conference for wellness entrepreneurs launched by movement-educator, podcast host, spark instructor, and coach Jenna Zaffino.

Originally published by BRINK Quarterly:

"A Realistic Focus For The Future“

The November event was a powerful, progressive experience that moved participants through sessions to cultivate, support and clarify their vision, priorities, support systems, community and commitment to positive change. You’ll receive professional tools to help you make moves and identify where your efforts can best serve you as we move towards a new year and new season in our work. Included in recordings are:


JENNA ZAFFINO – Opening Keynote

JESSICA VANN – Back To Normal At Your Own Pace

JAMES CRADER – Support Culture: How Being In Service Supports Your Business

GABBY LUBIN – Burnout and Why You Matter, Now.

TASHA EDWARDS – Is Fear Your Factor? Take Your Own Fear Out of the Drivers Seat & Start actually Helping Your Clients.

JOSH ZAFFINO – Vision-Ready In 30 Days

PAULA MARIE – Why PINteresting Your Brand Makes $Cents In Your Business

RAPHAEL BENDER – How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market

MARTIN REID – Know Your Why, Own Your How

TELA ANDERSON – Teach What Matters

COLTON GIBBONS – How To Create Inclusivity For LGBTQ+ and Gender-Expansive

BETH SANDLIN – A Human-Centered Approach to Teach Postural Archetypes

MEG ARIS – Alchemy of Support: The Gifts of Working with Autoimmune Disease

CHANTELLE GALLOW – The Dark Side of Movement; Unpacking Problematic Relationships With Food & Exercise

DR TAMMY FRANCIS – The Mindset to Manifest: The Posture of Power, The Work, and The Wait

KATIE TOMASZEWSKI – Move Your Community

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