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CPPW Ep. 13 | Andy Storch: Lifelong Learner

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with author, speaker, consultant coach, podcaster, & entrepreneur, Andy Storch.

Andy's life is made up of learning, love, purpose, and connection. As a friend, father, husband, and connector, he emphasizes building relationships and supporting others. Throughout the episode that thread remains true, especially through his Capital P for Persistence. He believes that consistency and showing up is the most important part of the achievement. So he continues to solve problems and help others solve their own, particularly through his book Own Your Life & Own Your Career.

The episode also discusses his definitions of wellness and occupational wellness. Occupational wellness involves self-reflection and the awareness of the effort and risks of health. He hopes to help others enjoy life, be healthier, and be more intentional.

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