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CPPW Ep. 17 | Veronica Yanhs: Are People the Operations?

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with Veronica Yanhs, Founder & CEO of Business Laid Bare, an operations consultancy. This episode follows her Capital P in pleasure which is apparent in all her branding. There are multiple definitions and layers of pleasure, especially within the workplace. Her unapologetic approach to prioritizing people is all about creating a pleasurable experience for all and not settling with anything other than that. The episode follows Veronica's journey into product design and how that led to the founding of Business Laid Bare. One big topic to remember is that people are the operations. And important steps must be taken to ease the day-to-day business operations, such as:

• Tackling the how-in exciting ideas in business operations,

• Using platforms and techniques that support your business model, and

• Taking a step back before your operations suffer from quick bandaid solutions.

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