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CPPW Ep. 19 | David Kovacovich: Moving Away from Fear-Based Motivation

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with the Director of Business Development at BI Worldwide, David Kovacovich. This episode follows his P for Productivity. His definition of Productivity motivates the rest of the conversations. Increasing productivity involves supporting a three-level relationship with work and moving away from fear-based motivation. Those levels include having good relationships with peers and managers, giving tools and programs that support the workforce, and considering other parts of people's lives that may hinder their work. David also talks about a common shift from competitive to collaborative. Engagement is a collaborative process that starts with helping other people succeed. The ripple effect occurs when they support those who supported them and so on and so on. David reminds us of the importance of relationships and engagement to help create a more pleasant work experience for everyone.

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