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CPPW Ep. 2 | Jenna Zaffino: Presence

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with Storyteller, Artist & Mother, Jenna Zaffino. She also serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Spark This Day.

The podcast discusses Jenna's Capital P in Presence.

Jenna's experience with wellness coaching is due to her fascination with the Potential, Personality, and Psychology of people. Through her past as a dancer, she has found the capacity and joy for helping others connect with themselves and their physical surroundings. Whether it be motivation, health, nutrition, re-evaluation, purpose, or awareness, Jenna believes they are all the keys to truly living. These ideals are based on her journey to motherhood through a process of change, loss, and clarity.

The episode also provides a well-rounded view of Jenna's predictions for the future of work in wellness.

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