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CPPW Ep. 3 | Kit Bihun: Corporate Burnout

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with Writer, Artist, and Movement Instructor at Spark This Day, Kit Bihun.

Kit believes she is a lighthearted person but throughout the episode has proven she has a deep connection with meaning. Her Capital P for Prophetic told the story of a drawing in college that prophesied her work as a movement specialist. The main discussion focused on her experiences with burnout and the shift away from the corporate world.

Both Gabby and Kit shared similar stories of grappling with the realities of a "real" job, blaming themselves for not adjusting and struggling in the ultra-corporate setting. Kit described a lack of support and ignoring employee needs in the office setting which prolonged burnout. Employees were "commodities" rather than individuals. Kit emphasized that as work evolves, individual workers are going to focus more on their well-being and organizations will catch up.

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