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CPPW LIVE Panel: Restoring Psychological Safety


With the recent waves of layoffs and constant uncertainty in the workforce, employees’ trust and self-confidence has shifted. As a result, the employees’ mental health and organizational efficiency are both at risk. Amidst such a precarious environment, leadership needs to devise an empathetic approach to restoring psychological safety and help its people thrive.

Join the Capital P in People Work podcast for a live panel and Q & A on Restoring Psychological Safety. In this panel, we’ll cover:

• Physical and mental health effects of surviving layoffs

• Rebuilding organizational trust

• What it takes to invest in employee mental health

• The role of transparency during layoffs

Our panelists include:

Sandhya Sudhakar

A certified leadership and career coach, Enneagram practitioner, speaker, facilitator, and the founder of SELF At WORK. She takes a trauma-informed, inclusive approach to leadership development and well-being at work. Through SELF At WORK, Sandhya helps leaders build meaningful connections with themselves, their teams, and their work so they can achieve breakthrough business results without burning out their employees (or themselves).

Dr. Jeb Hurley

A behavioral scientist and leading expert in team dynamics. Jeb blends neurobiology, psychology, and technology to enhance leadership team effectiveness and create high-trust, agile cultures. His leadership experience includes multiple founder, CEO, and global F100 VP/GM roles and over thirty years of developing teams and coaching leaders. Jeb holds a doctorate in organizational leadership, is a mentor for Techstars Foundation, is a member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and is the author of two books on team dynamics and leadership.

Earl Foote

The ultimate adventure seeker and music lover. When he's not hitting the slopes, tearing up the trails, or exploring some remote corner of the world, you can find him jamming with his band or spending quality time with his loved ones. Don't let his laid-back nature fool you, Earl's ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in the world and for his team at Nexus IT. With an open and abundance-minded mindset, Earl brings fun and positivity to everyone around him.

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