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CPPW Ep. 25 | Nick Jesteadt: Data is Key

Episode Description

In this episode, Gabby speaks with Nick Jesteadt, Senior Director of People Analytics and Corporate Marketing Analytics for Cloud Software Group. He emphasized the value of using data analytics in HR to inform strategies in retention, engagement, wellness, diversity, and belonging, talent acquisition, and workforce planning.

His Capital P for the importance of Progress over perfection and Positioning in data analytics. They explored how data can be used to show the cost of vacancies and the value of engaged employees. They also discussed the need to tailor HR strategies to suit different individuals' engagement definitions and how simple metrics like attrition can help HR professionals identify actionable trends. The conversation highlighted the challenges of merging companies and consolidating data and the importance of having a data strategy in place before implementing HR systems.

Lastly, they explored other methods of measuring engagement such as discretionary effort and the use of optional resources, privacy, and ethics in people analytics that includes the willingness of Gen Z to give away their data for social media, and potential changes that will occur as Gen Z becomes a larger part of the workforce.

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