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Curated: Set the Week

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

At the end of 2020, our CEO & Founder Gabby Lubin sat down to reflect on Spark's offerings. There was an element of reflection missing. Both she and clients were craving it but were having a difficult time actually embedding it into their schedules.

That's when Set the Week was born.

A class that opened with a simple question & intention setting. Moved into a gentle yoga-based flow. Relaxed the mind further with an extended mindful moment. And then ended with the same simple question & intention setting. All in 30 minutes.

Immediately, this class became a Spark member favorite as it was one of the most unique offerings that was offered. And it continues to be so.

"Set the week is an amazing addition to my exercise and wellness plan." - 2.5 year Spark This Day member

"I always love the prompt at the start of class." - 2 year Spark This Day member

"The flow was very calming. It was nice to have the time to journal." - New Spark This Day member

At Spark This Day, we work to curate your wellness experience. That is why from this month on, we are providing a weekly Set the Week practice that will drop every Sunday morning. That way, you can "set" your week when you feel it is best done.

Take a look at our first Set the Week practice by opting in to a Spark Wellness Pathway here. You'll receive an email to your inbox every Sunday that will bring you to your landing page.

We can't wait to Set the Week with you!

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