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Finding the Balance Between Business Objectives and Employee Satisfaction

According to the Harvard Business Review, supervisors and middle managers have direct influence over employee satisfaction.

This is why people in positions of power, more specifically HR and People professionals, need to find the right balance between supporting the well-being of their employees and making decisions that work toward business objectives. In order to do this, it is important for HR and People Professionals to have an open mind.

The following are important in finding this necessary balance:

Shifting from an individual happiness mindset to one of collective purpose

It is almost impossible for People Professionals to ensure the total happiness of each individual employee. Instead, People Professionals should use their skills to foster a deep sense of purpose through the workplace. In fact, research shows that when people can connect their individual purpose to their company purpose, they are happier and more engaged with their work.

Shifting from shiny perks to intentional action

While perks such as free lunches are nice, they do little to retain employee engagement and happiness. Instead, People Professionals should strive to make their work environments one based in actionable steps towards ultimate employee well-being. They should not simply offer wellness services, but should also serve as primary examples of people intentionally practicing employee wellness.

It’s not just about having a benefit, but living the benefit through action that really matters.

Shifting from exclusivity to inclusion

Leaders should consider opening higher level meetings to the people that do the work that can go unnoticed, especially in larger companies. Doing so can foster a sense of pride and personal ownership in employees with regards to their work because it reminds them that they matter. More importantly, this provides the unique opportunity for company executives to listen to the experiences, perspectives, and accomplishments of the people who contribute to meaningful work, daily.

We at Spark This Day understand that finding this balance can be challenging. This is why we aim to support both the employers and the employees themselves.

One easy way to find support from Spark This Day is by opting into a wellness pathway to Energize, Empower, or Nourish. Take this quiz to get matched with a plan specific to your needs this month!

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