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Gabby Lubin Named Startup Founder Daily’s Featured Founder of the Day

[CHICAGO] - Startup Founder Daily, a media company dedicated to promoting and amplifying the voices of startup founders, recognizes Gabby Lubin (Founder and CEO of Spark This Day) as an emerging leader working to help companies combat burnout.

Startup Founder Daily’s mission is to spotlight overlooked startup founders and be the platform where they can share their stories, for free. They also strive to play a large, supportive role in the startup ecosystem in an attempt to empower founders building the next generation of companies that will shape the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the fact that many employees feel as though they are not fully supported in the workplace. Experiencing this phenomenon herself, Gabby identified this common pain point and with determination, dove into an evolving market: employee wellness. Thus, Spark This Day was born.

Spark This Day not only provides employees with engaging, personalized wellness resources, but they also equip HR and People Professionals with anonymous data regarding the well-being of their staff. All of this so that companies can improve employee satisfaction and address challenges with high turnover rates.

Now servicing over 700 employees, Spark This Day is transforming the way people are thinking about wellness. They are helping individual employees identify their wellness goals so they can develop a healthy wellness routine. They are helping companies recognize the business benefits of investing in their staff, which has a positive impact on the bottom line. They are providing people with the resources to Nourish, Energize, and Empower themselves every day.

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