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How Far We've Come

Happy International Womxn's Day! We are SO proud to be female-founded, female-led, and supporting a majority female profession!

But, today we are celebrating more. We're celebrating how far we've come as a community and business.

In our last blog post, we talked about the founding story of spark (fun fact: did you know we started as the GLW Community?). Since we are just a few days away from our 2 year anniversary, we wanted to share a few stats with you to show you how far WE have come! (Yes, I mean we because spark would not be here without you.)

March 2020 --> March 2022

  • 1 instructor --> 13 instructors

  • 50 members --> 552 members

  • 0 schools --> 15 schools

  • a website --> a website and an app

  • 2 typical class types --> 9 unique class types

To date, we've implemented 4 pilot programs, raised $7,748.50 during Sweat for Justice, hosted 3 in-person classes, thrown 1 festival, and taught in schools 4 times.

What those numbers don't show is the unique power of our community. Ask anyone in spark. We are simply different. We aren't just a solution to "how can I workout safely at home." We aren't just a workout. We are...

  • People who care about their well-being

  • People who want to make impact on the world

  • People who want to see each other succeed

  • People who want to keep doing what they love!

With you, we have had the opportunity to grow spark. And we can't wait for the next 2 years of growth!

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