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How we're #upgrading for November

Just like Beyoncé 🙌

Starting Wednesday, October 26th, The Spark This Day Wellness Pathway and Opt-In experience will look and feel a little differently. Why? Because you deserve the most accurate way to measure your well-being and a frictionless wellness experience.

You will notice two major upgrades to the experience this month:

  1. To get matched with your Pathway, you get to take a Buzzfeed-like quiz! (Here's a sneak peek -->)

  2. Your content for the month will be delivered step-by-step each day, with notification and email reminders. And, the content will be easily accessible on your phone or computer!

YAS! Right? These two upgrades will hope you experience more wellness, when & how you need it. All so you can continue to create your wellness routine through the ebs and flows of the seasons.

For the month of November, we're going beyond the typical gratitude theme. Instead, the theme will be Expanding Relationships. This means with yourself & others. Throughout the month, you will have the opportunity to reflect with a daily memory builder as well as discover ways to have happier & healthier relationships. All the while, you'll continue to receive customized wellness content for your physical and emotional well-being.

That's whole-human wellness!

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