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It's our birthday month!

WOW. I can’t hardly believe it, spark, but this month marks TWO YEARS OF SPARK! On March 16th, spark was founded in my living room in DC. It’s only fitting that I’m back in DC writing this today.

Take a look at who was at the very first class and the kinds of weights we used!

This month, we’ll have the chance to celebrate together in multiple ways. The spark way. Here are 3 of my favorite things that we’ll be doing this month:

  1. We’re throwing a birthday party on March 26th. This will be a chance for the whole spark community to come together and celebrate as one. Nearly ALL of our instructors will be there AND they’ll be teaching. Go sign up now and mark your calendar!

  2. In typical spark fashion, this birthday is a fundraiser. Similar to Sweat for Justice, we’re sweating for a cause. First, you’ll “vote” for your favorite class format by donating to either the nourish, empower, or energize category. THEN the $$ raised will be donated to the spark school who takes the most classes in March! Their wellness committee will be able to use these funds to support the teacher wellness in whatever way they find best. Find the links here.

  3. We’re also hosting an event this Thursday IRL in DC. If you are in the area or have a friend, let them know!

After 2 years, we’ve grown tremendously. This month, we’ll be celebrating all the different ways we’ve done so.

What remains the same, however, is that spark is about purpose & impact. And because of you, we’re able to stay grounded in our values.

Can’t wait to celebrate with you all month.

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