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Mental Health Awareness Month Exercise

Happy May! Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Mental health is a critical component of well-being, particularly when we consider workplace wellness.

At Spark This Day, we use the 6 Dimensions of Wellness framework to consider well-being. Today, we are going to zoom in on Occupational well-being to consider your mental health within that dimension.

We'll lead you through an exercise that will help you be more aware of your mental health. That is our specialty at Spark This Day; we put your in the driver's seat of your wellness, particularly workplace wellness.

The 3 Steps of Stress Management will help guide our work today.

  1. Determine current workplace stressors

    1. Use a journal to write down all the things causing you stress

    2. Circle 2-3 that you feel you could tackle this month

  2. Identify ways to reduce the stressors

    1. Brainstorm 5 possible ways to change that stressor's reality. Get creative and let the juices flow.

    2. Some questions to consider:

      1. What do I have control over?

      2. Who is involved in this experience?

      3. Could I think differently about this experience?

      4. Is there something different I can do before/during/after this experience?

    3. Choose 1 way to it try out first

      1. Use the sentence starter, "I will try to [intention]." This allows you to try to meet this change but be kind to yourself if something goes differently.

      2. Pro tip: start small. You won't change everything overnight.

  3. Make changes and prioritize your life accordingly

    1. Consider what changes you need to make in order to make this change a reality

    2. Make a plan of action

    3. Go for it!

One of the most important things to remember is: you WILL make a mistake. It happens to literally all of us. When this happens, join us for a self-compassion mindfulness practice to be kind to yourself.

Look out for more helpful information on workplace wellness. We're here to help you Spark This Day! You're not alone.

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