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Modern Luxury Magazine features Gabby Lubin’s Wellness Habits

[CHICAGO] - Modern Luxury Magazine is the nation’s largest luxury media company. They offer the world’s most sophisticated brands (85+ brands across 22 markets) integrated solutions to connect them with their audience of more than 16 million from the most prominent cities across the U.S.

At Modern Luxury, connection and community define who they are. This is why they create personalized relationships and authentic connections between consumers and brands that are imperative for the modern media era.

This article features the daily routines and wellness habits of 4 wellness leaders in Chicago. For Gabby, her wellness routine has her greeting each day with a renewed sense of purpose, something she talks about a lot in the Capital P in People Work Podcast.

According to Gabby, her wellness habits “eb and flow, but you may sense a general theme of not overdoing it”.

Here are some highlights:

Diet: I eat what makes me feel good, but my favorites right now are DIY smoothie bowls and Levain cookies

Escape: A great workout always resets my mind

Wellness App: Spark This Day for holistic wellness (for iOS and for Android)

Best Advice: Set your vision but be open to the possibilities that come along the way, not attached to the outcome

Philanthropy: It’s not always about money but how you show gratitude for what you have by giving back.

Mantra: “Know your why

Yesterday: Yesterday gives perspective but is not who or how you define tomorrow

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