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Sleep: A fundamental component of well-being

Each month at Spark This Day, we center our support on a theme. In September, we focused on Boundaries. In October, we'll focus on Rest.

Let's pause for a moment: what does rest mean to you? When does rest happen for you? How do you prioritize rest? When do you get it most?

Rest means a variety of things including opting out of an activity to relax, napping, not exercising, and sleep. All of these are important to your well-being. However, this month, we will focus on just 1 component of rest because you can't adjust everything at once. We have to take it one step at a time.

"One step at a time is all it takes to get you there." - Emily Dickinson

Sleep is a critical component of rest. In fact, many of us run on too little sleep which can majorly impact our life. The Sleep Foundation states that 35% of adults experience insomnia. Without getting too WebMD-y, sleep can impact our memory, mood, concentration, immunity, blood pressure, weight, sex drive, balance, and more. Although each person is different, it is recommended that adults regularly get 7-9 hours of sleep.

We all know the things we should do to get the right amount of sleep. But, as busy and stressed people, it can be challenging to take the steps to get there. That's where Spark This Day comes in!

This month, we're going to help you take baby steps through the Sleep Builder Challenge to build a better sleep routine.

Some answers* you might seek while participating in the challenge:

  • How do I stay asleep for more of the night?

  • How can I feel more energy during the day?

  • How can I get to sleep faster?

  • I get 7-9 hours of sleep but it still doesn't feel like enough. How do I improve the quality of my sleep?

In this challenge, we'll be your accountability buddy by taking a week-to-week approach to addressing our sleep habits and hygiene to make simple, sustainable changes that will help you level up your sleep!

Let's get ready to rest together!

*If you are having significant problems falling asleep, staying asleep or experiencing behaviors like sleep-walking, night terrors etc, we suggest that you see your primary care physician or visit an urgent care clinic. Sleep is a health issue and deserves to be supported as much as any other ailment.

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