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Spark By Gabby Rebrands as Spark This Day and Launches New Product

[CHICAGO] – Spark by Gabby, the mindful fitness company that interrupts educator burnout, is launching a new product in service of its goal to create professional communities where burnout is the exception, not the norm. The new platform will expand its reach and provide a digital wellness experience that ignites the pathway for employee wellness.

With curated, specialized, monthly wellness pathways, the Spark community will receive personalized plans to directly address the stressors in their lives. Marking this change, Spark by Gabby will change its name to Spark This Day, reflecting the company’s focus on helping each member of the Spark Community receive effective support to manage their stress, one day at a time.

Under the structure of the new product, Spark uses technology and stress-based science to create pathways that are customized to each Spark Community Member. Through a personal inventory practice, members assess their stress level as well as the month’s work/life agenda and choose the path that best suits their needs, offering a motivational component of self-support. The content of each support pathway includes live and on-demand fitness classes, mindfulness practices, simple nutrition tips, community challenges, bite-sized workplace initiatives, and journal prompts, all guided by Spark instructors and featured guest experts. The new platform offers a greater level of personalization for current Spark Community Members, and positions the company to serve employee wellness programs which must address a range of well-being and stress-management needs.

“We are on the cusp of an employee revolution that spans all industries – employees expect more of their workplaces, and work-life balance is at the top of their priority list,” states Gabby Lubin, CEO & founder of Spark This Day. “In the past, we’ve treated employee burnout as an individual problem, but it is not. It is not a ‘you’ problem, it is a systemic issue. And it can’t be addressed with short-term, lackluster approaches that put the burden on the individual.”

Founded in 2020 during a time of heightened uncertainty and stress, Spark This Day employs an innovative, data-informed model to interrupt burnout. Using scientific principles of stress relief, the company combines movement with mindfulness to bring the body through the stress cycle, and shares actionable takeaways that members can apply during their day to manage stressors in real-time. With an emphasis on research-backed practices, the company integrates data collection and analysis into their operations; a 2021 impact results study showed that clients who took at least two classes per week were 33% more likely to feel relaxed and 24% more likely to have energy to spare.

The new product’s foundation of the 10-point well-being spectrum, as well as the 5 Stages of Burnout, also provides a measurable tool for clients to track their progress. On the low portion of the spectrum, “Nourish” pathways offer a gentle and low-impact approach to support members who are experiencing chronic stress; the middle “Empower” pathways take a more active approach to focus on building engagement and resilience during times where stress levels are present but not overwhelming; and the high “Energize” pathways offer strategies to help members leverage physical practices and coping strategies to proactively remain in the “honeymoon” stage of burnout.

“Programs work when they hold a level of meaningful relevance and purpose,” explains Jenna Zaffino, Chief Operating Officer of Spark This Day who is responsible for product development. “I’m excited to help people understand what wellness means for them and enjoy the benefits of the support we provide in real time.”

Spark This Day was initially designed to support the education system and this mission still holds true. In order to expand the Spark Community as well as continue to support educators, Spark This Day will commit 10% of its revenues to fund 70% of its work with schools. The company currently serves 15 schools in Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

The new product launch and rebranded name will go into effect in May 2022. More details can be found at

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