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Spark This Day Accepted to the 1871 Independent Innovation Hub

[CHICAGO] - The digital employee wellness company, Spark This Day, is now a part of the 1871 innovation hub. A nonprofit digital startup incubator located in the historic Merchandise Mart of Chicago, 1871 “exists to create the experiences and space that early stage, grown stage, and corporate innovators need while they build extraordinary businesses.” It is also “actively committed to building a more inclusive and diverse community in order to provide those who are underrepresented a pathway into technology & innovation leadership.”

Elizabeth “Betsy” Ziegler is the first female CEO of 1871. Ziegler graduated with distinction while studying economics at The Ohio State University and obtained her MBA from Harvard Business School. With this background, Ziegler has been able to hold multiple distinguished titles. While working at McKinsey & Company’s Chicago office, Ziegler was a leader in the firm’s operations related to Life Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Technology. While at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Ziegler worked as Chief Innovation Officer and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Currently, in addition to being CEO of 1871, Zeigler serves on the Board of Directors as an advisor to multiple young tech companies and children’s research institutions.

1871 is considered the #1 ranked university affiliated-tech incubator in the world. This is in large part due to its experienced leadership and its mission to empower companies to be innovative entrepreneurs. Through its extensive networking and educational opportunities, 1871 works to support and inspire the next generation of impactful businesses.

This is exactly why Spark’s acceptance into 1871 is so important. It means they are a recognized business that is worth investing time and resources into.

Spark is paving its own unique path in the employee wellness industry. With this opportunity comes additional commitment to elevating the Spark This Day virtual experience, a journey which Spark is excited to embark on with the support provided by 1871.

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