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Spark This Day Announces “Capital P in People Work”: a New Podcast Hosted by Gabby Lubin, CEO

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

[CHICAGO] - Calling all podcast listeners! Spark This Day is proud to introduce a new podcast titled “Capital P in People Work”, which discusses the intersection of People, Wellness and the Future of Work.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Gabby Lubin (Founder and CEO of Spark This Day) will sit down to chat with HR professionals, Chief People Officers, change-makers, investors, and CEOs to illuminate the realistic and ideal experiences for People in the workplace.

Here’s a sneak peak at some guests this season:

Kimone Napier, M.S. (she/her/hers)

Leang Chung (she/her/hers)

Alex Hernandez (he/him/his)

Andy Storch (he/him/his)

On each episode, each guest will be asked to provide the P word that best aligns with how they’re thinking about their work at the moment. That way, listeners get a different perspective on People work each time they tune in!


Here are the facts:

  • 50% of people quit due to burnout

  • 87% of companies say that retention is a concern

  • 94% of leaders believe future of work initiatives are important

Yet a recent Boston Group report found that less than 20% of surveyed companies reported setting these initiatives to increase employee retention as priorities on their CEO agenda.

It’s through research like this and her own practical experience that Gabby discovered the harsh realities a lack of wellness and a toxic workplace can bring about. In the first episode she states “If an individual knows their self care routine and knows what they need but they exist in a toxic work environment, no self care can save them. No self care can save them. They have to leave or they are going to burnout.”

What does this all mean? Well, it brings to light the fact that the People are a Priority, so People Professionals need to be equipped with tools to best support their staff in order to increase employee well-being, retention, and inclusion.

With the creation of this podcast, Gabby does not promise a plug and chug solution to the burnout professionals often experience due to the workplace.

Instead, she helps break down the complexities that exist in People work and navigates ways of moving towards the future of this space for the next generation of workplace professionals.

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