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Spark This Day Announces New Client, Deloitte

[CHICAGO] - Spark This Day is excited to welcome their newest contract, Deloitte.

Since December 2020, Spark has worked with Deloitte in a number of different capacities. This is why Level 3 Well-Being Wizard and Finance Manager, Bryan Nesbitt, hopes this new partnership will help Deloitte employees “take the next step” in their wellbeing journey. By starting with a 3 month pilot of the Spark This Day platform, Spark plans to provide Deloitte with a strong foundation for a continued partnership down the line.

Deloitte is a brand under which thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world provide a variety of services to select clients. Deloitte employees can be seen in a number of different industries, from Finance to Media & Telecommunications. But, no matter the industry, both Brian and Spark This Day agree that “having individuals take time for their own self-care and further building the habits around their own wellness routine” is beneficial for all.

Spark’s unique approach to wellbeing through its personalized and dynamic digital wellness routines is what attracts people like those at Deloitte. Those who either need an accountability buddy or a supportive teacher to introduce them to the importance of wellbeing, Spark is there.

“I have employees that have very different likes around physical fitness. And the ability to provide my set of employees an option for yoga, or dance cardio, or high intensity interval training, or Pilates gave me a variety to not only provide for those individual employees who have their own personal preferences, but gave an opportunity to introduce my employees to new things that they might not have done before”, explains Bryan. “And so that’s why I chose Spark”.

Deloitte believes they are as only as good as the good they do. Those who work for Deloitte aim to help clients realize their ambitions and maximize their positive impact on society. Spark This Day hopes to inspire these professionals to go beyond ‘good’ and most importantly become the best people they can be for themselves.

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