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Spark This Day Begins Pilot Program with the Food Revolution Network Starting January 2023

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

[CHICAGO] - Beginning January 11th, Spark This Day welcomes employees from the Food Revolution Network, an online advocacy-based organization that is committed to inspiring and advocating for healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all through education about plant-powered foods.

The Food Revolution Network -- led by Ocean Robbins (co-founder and CEO) -- has more than 700,000 members and is connected with some of the top food revolutionary leaders.

“Spark This Day was a gift from the universe to FRN. I was in search of a resource to assist me in the New Year with building a strong culture that focused even more on team members' wellbeing, and Gabby seemed to find me at the right time. I admittedly didn't understand the full dynamics of what Spark This Day was or what it had to offer but Gabby took the time to explain the features and benefits and how it could reward my team. We then invited Jenna to a session for our Core Team Retreat. Jenna's session with us was magical. For the first time, it all came together as I experienced what self-care felt like in a live session. Jenna's meditation session with our team left us wanting more. After that very positive experience, it just made sense to contract Spark This Day as a partner. I wouldn't have wanted to withhold such a gift from my team. So for the next six months, we'll be exploring all that Spark This Day in the hope that it will elevate and make my team stronger in terms of their personal well-being and productivity. "

- Myila Young, Head of Culture at Food Revolution Network

In order to best support the employee-advocates of the Food Revolution Network, Spark This Day will give access to the Spark This Day app with personalized whole-human health and stress relief. By doing so, Spark This Day and the Food Revolution Network are taking the necessary steps to make burnout the exception, not the norm.

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