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Spark This Day COO Jenna Zaffino Gives Keynote Address at The 2022 Employee Wellness Summit

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

[CHICAGO] - On this day, Spark This Day COO Jenna Zaffino presented the keynote speech at The 2022 Employee Wellness Summit. Organized by Melissa Mueller-Douglas, LMSW the virtual Summit aimed to dive deeper into wellness tools that decrease and increase mindfulness in the workplace for professionals of all industries. This event was the perfect space for Human Resource Professionals, Business Owners and Managers, Health Care Professionals, Educational Administrators, Wellness or Well-being Professionals, or anyone interested in a healthier workplace to practice mindfulness together and network with other Thought Leaders.

Jenna presented “Strategies to Address Stress & Burnout in the Workplace”. According to Jenna, the following statements are true:

  • No one is confused about what they need to do with health and wellness.

  • Wellness on top of heightened stress levels is a heavy lift & can also be seen as a stressor itself.

  • We must approach stress management from a place that is simple and personalized.

  • Wellness isn’t rocket science, but there is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry that wants us to think it is.

And the following are 3 strategies to help demystify wellness & amplify your own approach:

  • ONE - Complete the stress cycle (Stimulus > Activated Arousal > Reconciliation).

    • Cry, exercise and move your body, create, engage in meaningful affection and social interaction, breathe, and/or laugh.

  • TWO - Understand the concepts of repetitions and big picture goals.

    • Big picture goals are important, but aren’t great motivators. Take things one day at a time, one step at a time.

    • It’s not about the setback rate, but the comeback rate.

    • Practice daily awareness and set supportive intentions.

  • THREE - Acknowledge the spectrum of support from the following perspectives:

    • Nourishment - anything that helps reaffirms your abilities

    • Empowerment - anything that reminds you of your strength, confidence, and values

    • Energy (Replenish or Usage) - anything that encourages you to get out of your comfort-zone

Through the lighthearted nature of her inspirational speech, Jenna showed all in attendance that wellness is not as intimidating as most people make it out to be. More importantly, that we are not alone in navigating the everyday stressors that come with simply living life. We are capable of stress management. We are capable of wellness.

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