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Spark This Day Welcomes Awana for 6-month Pilot Program Starting January 2023

[CHICAGO] - Spark This Day is starting the new year off strong by welcoming a 6-month pilot program.

Beginning January 6th, Spark This Day officially welcomes employees from Awana, an international tech company that connects and empowers Latin American talent and U.S. companies through remote work. According to their website, Awana means “weaving loom” in the Kichwa language and was chosen to strengthen their belief that there are no limits to what can be accomplished when working together.

"We are very excited to be able to count on Spark This Day services this year because we want to provide our employees with support for their mental and physical health. It is essential to find a space in daily work activities where professionals can balance their work and their well-being. The platform that Spark This Day gives us is very complete, it contemplates the different tastes of those who use it, provides monthly monitoring, and provides the necessary metrics to recognize the changes that have been generated in users, it's just what we need! "

-Ana Camila Rosero, HR Generalist,

Both companies work to empower individuals to grow and achieve their goals. Spark This Day will support Awana staff by providing 6 months of personalized, evidence-based pathways to whole-body health and stress relief.

There is a mutual understanding that when an employee is fully supported, they can reach their best selves and recognize what they are truly capable of.

With this 6-month pilot program, Awana is coming together with Spark This Day to take the next steps towards promoting genuine employee well-being.

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