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Week 1 Kickstart Reflections from Gabby

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Hello all. Gabby here. TGIF! It has been almost a week of our 21 day kickstart and I am so inspired by what I am seeing.

Before we go further, I want to acknowledge that if it has been a little tricky to start or continue this habit, you aren't alone. By no means is this a practice that we expect you to do (I missed day 5!) Phwef, now that's out of the way I want to share with you a few highlights from the week.

  1. There are 35 amazing members participating in this group! It feels better to do this work with other people, even if you haven't met them. They are here for YOU too!

  2. I saw a few people join in a little late. The coolest thing about this kickstart is that it will always be on-demand. So you can return to these practices when you need them most.

3. Ok, let's go deeper. There are so many ways to implement these practices. So far, I've seen folks watching the videos in the morning, during lunch, when arriving home from work, and before bed. Have you tried playing around with when you practice mindfulness? This is one of the most exciting things to discover: when you feel most filled. For me, I like to do a quick self-guided practice as I wait for my coffee. Then, I practice as-needed during the day. Before bed, I try to do something that is guided to wind-down my racing mind!

4. I am so grateful that folks feel comfortable sharing how they experience each practice. I've learned what other anchors I can try; what different ways I can use my breath; why you like intentions versus goals! Thank you!

Last but not least, it is so cool to see how different instructors teach different mindful practices. Special shout out to Amanda: thank you for gracing our platform with your presence. I can't wait to learn more from you! Look out for another new face popping in to support you soon!

See you on the app or in class!



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