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Emily A. Spark This Day

There is no doubt that challenges of wellbeing are a major contributor to the 44% of teachers that leave in the first 5 years of teaching

At spark, we fill the gap as the only & much-needed daily stress relief platform by & for educators. 

We know what burnout & stress feel like.


We seek to interrupt burnout by building teacher capacity using the two most effective stress-relievers: exercise and mindfulness.

We know how critical it is to partner with schools and districts in order to change the systemic nature of wellness within education.

Teachers face increasing stressors because of COVID-19.
75% of all teachers report extreme workplace stress.

Right now, we have an opportunity to disrupt the cycle of teacher burnout & attrition by building teacher well-being.

Why pay for spark?

"Spark gives me realistic and supportive tools that I can apply the

next day to my classroom."

-Jocelyn T., High School Teacher

Spark This Day offerings

Here's what we provide:

The Platform

Give your staff the opportunity to practice wellness on their own schedule.

1. Provide on-demand only


2. Provide live & on-demand



All packages include an implementation plan and community of other leaders as a support system.


Cost is per school for 12 month access

Change the System Add-Ons

Give your staff the opportunity to implement wellness collectively.


1. Provide quarterly in-person classes to solidify community

(in DC, Chicago, and Boston only)


2. Small Group Wellness Cohort

$750/person, 5 person min

3. Wellness Planning Professional Development

$1,000/hr + travel

"I remembered the meditation breathing I learned in spark classes, and I managed to center myself..."

-Joslin S., spark member

take a look.

Try out a few of our classes:

LIIT & Yoga | Disco (5/19)
LIIT & Yoga | Express Yourself (5/8)
LIIT & Yoga | Choose You (5/5)
LIIT & Yoga | Your Intention (4/21)
LIIT | Your Control (4/11)
Indoor Cycling | Tove Lo (4/22)

Let's talk more about how Spark can support your needs!

Thanks for reaching out!

A member of our team will contact you shortly.

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