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Hip Opener

A Plan for Everyone

Thank you for choosing Spark This Day! We're excited to ignite the path to well-being with you.

You can book a package as an individual.


  • If your workplace provides you with Spark, please follow the custom directions provided by your employer.

  • If you are a PreK-12 educator without school access, message us for a special discount.


Need assistance? Send us a message in the chat or email

Book Packages: Welcome

  • Spark Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited Access to Spark This Day & Cancel Any time
    • Mindful Fitness Classes
    • Mindfulness Practices, On-Demand Only
    • & More Custom Wellness Support
  • Private Low Impact

    Every month
    for private Tues/Fri classes
    • 2 private classes per week
    • unlimited access to Spark This Day platform
Book Packages: PaidPlans
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