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Spark This Day accepted into Transcend Fellowship 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Spark This Day becomes a part of the global network of Transcend Fellows with 188 founders from 40 countries.

“The Transcend Network was started on one core belief: the future of learning and work will be more global than we can even imagine today. While there are many accelerators and funds supporting the sector, none of them are global by design. We want to shift from a local perspective of education and work, to one that connects the work of founders globally”

-The Transcend Network


During this 5-week selective program for early-stage founders building in the future of learning work, Spark This Day will:

  • Learn how to run experiments

  • Receive fundraising support

  • Connect with a global founder-investor community in their search for product-market-fit

All within an intimate and curated cohort of 40 fellows working towards advancing their company missions!

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