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Employee Wellness

Martha Hoffman and spark this day

People are the core of your business, so it is no surprise that as an employer, you want to treat your employees well. However, the reality is that creating an effective wellness program is a job in itself. Moreover, employees now expect that their employer provide well-being support.

That's where we come in.

We have applied research in burnout, stress-relief, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, and more to our curated monthly pathways to help co-create a world with you where burnout is the exception, not the norm.

Plus, when you work with us, you help make wellness a reality for educators.

social impact promise:
10% of our revenue goes towards funding
school access to Spark.


Andres Virgen Spark This Day Instructor

The Spark This Day Platform

Spark Wellness Pathway

At the start of each month, staff take a Buzzfeed-like quiz to get matched with the pathway that best suits their stress levels & workload. Each pathway directly corresponds to a point on the 5-point burnout scale. Then, throughout the month, individuals receive drip wellness content to support them with what they need via our smartphone app, Spark This Day.

Monthly Theme

A monthly opportunity for staff to have fun and build meaningful new habits. Each month, members can join in on the Spark-wide theme through their Pathway on the Spark This Day app. Themes allow us to embed additional wellness habits into staff lives. Examples include: Boundary Setting, Rest, and Expanding Relationships.

Customized Onboarding

We decide with you how your team would be best served in the onboarding process. Included in this agreement may be customized a live session, 1-pagers, fliers, QR codes and drafted emails.

Spark Method Classes

Pathway-specific fitness and mindfulness classes are embedded into Wellness Pathways to guide members to go deeper in their wellness journey.


In addition, we provide a 1,000+ on-demand fitness & mindfulness video library with each class utilizing the Spark Method to relieve stress in as little as 5 mins.

We host a monthly live class for members to bond.

Class offerings: yoga, strength, indoor cycling, dance cardio, Pilates, journaling, and mindfulness.

Monthly Data Sharing

The beauty of our work is that we have in-real-time and monthly data on how your team is feeling. Once a month, allow us to compile and digest how your employees balanced or burned out your staff are. We'll always work to safeguard employee anonymity.

Open Office Hours

When you need to troubleshoot something, we are here to help through Zoom meetings and phone calls. We want to see you and your staff succeed, so we’re here to support in any way that we can to implement the best possible program.

Let us show you what we do.

Take a look at how you get matched.

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