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An evidence-based approach to employee whole-body health & stress relief. 

For Employees


We provide science-based, whole-human well-being to your fingertips based on your answers to our monthly Buzzfeed-like quiz that takes into account your current stress level & workload. Then, we provide you with drip wellness content to your device of choice to help you identify your optimal wellness routine.

Supports include:

Curated Mindful Fitness Classes

Mindfulness Practices

Personal Development Challenges

Simple Habit Builders

Nourish Recipes

Occupational Well-being Reflections and Prompts

For HR / Employers


We help you understand how your employees are feeling so that you can better serve their needs. Why? Because 47% of employees are not 100% honest on HR surveys and work-life balance is becoming and increasingly important component of the workplace.

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Getting Matched with Wellness:

The Spark Wellness Pathway

At the center of our personalized support is The Spark Wellness Pathway. Through the match-making quiz, members access an at-the-ready plan delivered throughout the month. Each month, we focus our plans on a seasonal theme with each pathway building on the last month's progress.

Pathways include but are not limited to multiple options for movement practices, mindfulness, community engagement, personal reflection prompts, and self-led tasks.

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How does matching work?

Our monthly matching experience allows each individual to find what works for them, based on their current level of well-being. 

  1. Each month, members are prompted with a self-check in through our digital platform (email & app notification).

  2. Members participate in a personal inventory practice taking into consideration their physical energy, mental well-being and upcoming workload.

  3. Members identify the level of support needed for the next month by selecting their pathway: Nourish, Empower, or Energize.

  4. Throughout the month, clients receive content from their Pathway that provides relevant, realistic support.

Need More Help?

Here's how we help employers save time, money, and energy

Emily A. Spark This Day

JOIN as an individual

At Spark This Day, we believe in providing resources for folks who want them as soon as they identify a need. Therefore, we have individual plans to book.


JOIN as an


At Spark This Day, we believe in co-creating a world where burnout is the exception, not the norm. Therefore, we partner with employers to provide employees resources that they need to stay well.

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