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An evidence-based approach to whole-body health & stress relief. 

The Spark This Day model is built on science

We integrate multiple modalities of research-based practices to create wellness experiences that promote health for both brain & body:

                                               Stress Science

                                               Adult Development Psychology

                                               Behavior Change Psychology

                                               Exercise Science

Spark is more than the typical wellness program

We make well-being personalized, fun & frictionless.

Our monthly opt-in programs allows each individual to find

what works for them, based on their current level of well-being. 

  1. Each month, members are prompted with a self-check in through our digital platform.

  2. Through taking inventory of their physical energy, mental well-being and upcoming workload, they identify the level of support needed to meet the needs of the month.

  3. They then choose the pathway that corresponds with the level of support they need and receive a curated plan based on their choice.

  4. Clients are now equipped with a relevant, realistic support plan for each week of the month that offers multiple options for movement practices, mindfulness, community engagement and self-led tasks.

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JOIN as an individual

At Spark This Day, we believe in providing resources for folks who want them as soon as they identify a need. Therefore, we have individual plans to book.


JOIN as an


At Spark This Day, we believe in co-creating a world where burnout is the exception, not the norm. Therefore, we partner with employers to provide employees resources that they need to stay well.



class method

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Although we offer multiple modalities, our unique approach to fitness is what sets us apart.

We combine the two most-effective stress relievers in a little as 15 mins:


Improves mood
Boosts energy & endurance
Manages weight
Combats health conditions
Prevents diseases
Promotes better sleep


Decreases stress
Enhances cognitive functioning
Increases ability to combat illness
Decreases depressive symptoms
Facilitates recovery
Improves overall health

Designing innovative & purposeful mindful fitness classes that move you through the stress cycle & provide a takeaway.


We activate the body through movement & the mind through intentions


We engage mind & body through fun & energizing exercise


We lead a mindful moment to release tension & gain clarity


Take away tools to put into practice & manage your own stress cycles

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Two birds, one stone.


The Spark method saves time & energy by providing you the best of well-being.

We concentrate scientifically-proven stress relief so you can feel a difference

in as little as 15 minutes.

The Spark This Day difference