How does

An evidence-based approach to whole-body health & stress relief. 

The Spark This Day model is built on science.


We integrate multiple modalities of research-based practices to create wellness experiences that promote health for both brain & body:

                                               Stress Science

                                               Adult Development Psychology

                                               Behavior Change Psychology

                                               Exercise Science

Spark This Day is more than the typical

wellness program.


We make well-being personalized, fun & frictionless. Utilizing the 6 dimensions of wellness to release stress, we provide all Spark This Day members with 3 systems of support: The Spark Wellness Pathway, challenges, and community.

My work pays for my Spark This Day subscription.

First System of Support

The Spark Wellness Pathway

At the center of our personalized support is The Spark Wellness Pathway. Through the opt-in experience, members access an at-the-ready plan delivered throughout the month. Each month, we focus our plans on a seasonal theme with each pathway building on the last month's progress.

Pathways include but are not limited to multiple options for movement practices, mindfulness, community engagement, personal reflection prompts, and self-led tasks.

How Do I Opt - In?

Our monthly opt-in programs allows each individual to find

what works for them, based on their current level of well-being. 

  1. Each month, members are prompted with a self-check in through our digital platform (email & app notification).

  2. Members participate in a personal inventory practice taking into consideration their physical energy, mental well-being and upcoming workload.

  3. Members identify the level of support needed for the next month by selecting their pathway: Nourish, Empower, Energize, or Freestyle.

  4. Throughout the month, clients receive content from their Pathway that provides relevant, realistic support.

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Second System of Support


We know that people are motivated to make personal changes when there is an element of 1) accountability and 2) gamification. Thus, we have curated challenges each month and for teams that provide individuals within challenging systems to make small but meaningful changes in their daily well-being.

Examples of our challenge topics:

Hydration Challenge

Breathing Toolkit Challenge

Grab a Buddy

Say No Challenge

Choose Your Own Habit Challenge

Create Space Challenge

Mindfulness Challenge

Sleep Builder Challenge

Mindful Walking Challenge

Third System of Support


Many wellness programs do not work because they invite you to practice self-care on an island. Spark This Day is different because our goal is real systemic change. Thus, community is a critical pillar in making change a reality.


At Spark This Day, we invite you to join in with your co-workers and the larger Spark community. That way, you are never pursuing your wellness alone.

In practice, we operate Spark-wide and organization-wide community groups for conversation and connection.


Spark Support Coaching

Sometimes, members are looking for a little extra support in reaching their wellness intentions. Thus, we host a 6 week Guidance and Accountability Group that meets 1x/week. In this group, members have the opportunity to learn and break down what may be in the way of their wellness.

The first group begins Sept 19th.

Not a Member Yet?

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JOIN as an individual

At Spark This Day, we believe in providing resources for folks who want them as soon as they identify a need. Therefore, we have individual plans to book.


JOIN as an


At Spark This Day, we believe in co-creating a world where burnout is the exception, not the norm. Therefore, we partner with employers to provide employees resources that they need to stay well.

We leverage data to measure impact in 2 ways:

3x year



We use the Warwick-Edinburg Mental Well-Being scale to collect data on participant experiences.


This psychological survey is a measurement tool commonly used in burnout research to assess adult well-being.