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Gabby Lubin and Spark This Day x Everything Community

[CHICAGO] - Everything Community is a place where community builders can come together to share resources, discuss strategies, and chat about all things community. As a part of their mission, Everything Community brings in a variety of qualified guests to educate the community on topics they are passionate about.

In their conversation with Gabby Lubin (Founder & CEO of Spark This Day), burnout, stress, and well-being are closely examined.

When it comes to well-being in the workplace:

  • 77% of employees say they experience burnout at their current workplace

  • 91% of employees report that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work

  • 47% of employees are not 100% honest on HR surveys

So in order to address these numbers, Spark This Day helps companies and people save time, money, and energy through their employee wellness services, which support increased productivity, camaraderie, and positive feelings.

When it comes to burnout and stress, it’s important to note that they’re two different things. This means you can experience stress without feeling burned out. According to Gabby, it’s “when we continue to have a high frequency of stressful experiences, that is what leads to burnout.”

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, stress can be positive. While doing something out of your comfort zone like public speaking might make you feel a little uncomfortable, this positive stress can work to push you towards growth. However, Gabby reminds us that the ‘first step’ is unique to each individual and thereby depends on what experience and framework we’re approaching our wellness from.

This is what makes Spark This Day so useful: their services come in and hand people small, but meaningful, tasks to help individuals start to put their wellness first.

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