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Celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Spark This Day

[CHICAGO] - Exactly 3 years ago today Founder & CEO Gabby Lubin hosted a 45 minute mindful HIIT class in her living room at the onset of the pandemic. Her intention for this virtual gathering was to create a safe space for 50 incredible people to move, breathe, and come together as a community while navigating a “new normal.” By the end of this class, Gabby immediately knew that integrating mindfulness into fitness would have a lasting impact.

“The energy on the first day was electric and it has carried us through for 3 amazing years.”

- Gabby Lubin

Two years after this mindful exercise class Gabby’s 45 minute HIIT classes evolved into spark by gabby, which focused on serving educators who experience disproportionate levels of burnout. This allowed the company to grow quickly from 1 instructor to 13, from 50 members to 552 members, and from two class types to nine unique offerings. The company even served 15 schools in Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. and raised nearly $8,000 through Sweat for Justice classes for a cause, all within only 2 years.

“We were constantly humbled by the impact we were able to have in year 2.”

- Gabby Lubin

Operating at the intersection of wellness and impact, applying research-based stress-relief techniques and facilitating peer-to-peer community grounded in the values of mind & body and social justice, spark by gabby ultimately transformed into Spark This Day, which supports people every day in understanding what well-being looks like for them. Gabby shared:

“Heading into our third year, we knew that our vision was bigger. So we did just that: grow our how and who. But we stayed rooted in our why.”

Currently serving 700 employees and 9 organizations, Spark This Day has become home to the Spark Wellness Pathways and is spearheading the co-creation of a world where burnout is the exception, not the norm.

In fact:

  • Clients who take 2+ classes per week are 33% more likely to feel relaxed and 24% more likely to have energy to spare.

  • Spark This Day clients report an 80-90% employee retention rate.

  • In the first month of Wellness Programming and onboarding, Spark This Day has 86% employee engagement, which is 56% higher than the industry average.

Spark This Day has also had the privilege of collaborating with brands such as Slumberkins and Jobgether to spread awareness and support, as well as fostered a greater sense of community by introducing the Spark This Day Capital P in People Work Podcast.

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